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A Word from Steve Abernathy

                                            By Steve Abernathy, COO, WFCA

        The new year is off to a great start here at CFI. During the first quarter of the year, we saw significant
        growth in our membership, as well as our training and certification activity. Our training and
        certification schedule is ramping up and classes are routinely filling up as we continue to add new
        locations and dates to the calendar.

        Speaking of certification, we just finished up our first-ever Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification
        in Henderson, NV. This third-level certification is now the pinnacle of our commercial carpet
        certification offerings. Though challenging to say the least, for those who complete it, this certification
        signifies the highest level of competency and skill in the commercial carpet space and should prove
        very valuable in setting yourself apart as the top-tier of your trade. Also in the works is a companion
        Advanced Commercial Resilient training course slated for later this Summer. Be on the lookout for this
        exciting new offering, as well.

        As we look ahead to the balance of the year, we are beginning to see some softening in the
        floorcovering market, particularly in the residential segment. Higher interest rates have somewhat
        dampened the red-hot housing market, and flooring dealers are reporting less backlog and quicker
        turnaround on customer’s installation times. I would encourage you to use any slack time to enhance
        your skills. We routinely hear from installers that say, “I’m too busy to get training or certification.” With
        slowing business conditions, this may be the perfect time to improve your skills and add credentials to
        your resume. As business slows, dealers tend to funnel business to the most skilled and capable crews.
        There is no better way to differentiate yourself from the crowd than to invest in yourself, your skills,
        and your education.

        Finally, as a continuing reminder, our 2023 joint CFI/FCICA Convention is coming up September
        20-23 in Orlando, Florida. The registration site should be up and running in early May, so keep a
        lookout on the CFI website ( for more details. I hope to see you there, as we bring
        together these two great organizations and celebrate CFI’s 30th year of flooring education!

        Steve Abernathy

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